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Jarret has helped to propel me forward in areas where I was faced with challenges in my business, marriage and personal life. Before working with Jarret I was looking for answers and unable to reveal the real causes of the issues as they were buried deep within my mind.

Jarret was able to release some beliefs that I had that created a set way of being. He helped me to let go of some burdens I was carrying that weren’t allowing me to move into the next phase of my life as a wife, entrepreneur and full-filled woman.

I have Jarret to thank for my new found discipline, positive thinking and comfort with who I am and where I want to go. I am creating my life and live it to the fullest. It is because of Jarret and his methods that I have a life of commitment and growth and can become financially free.

Carol Garrett, Toronto, Ontario,

Full Time Real Estate Investor



"I booked an appointment with Jarret after my show, and two hours after stepping foot into his office I was a non-smoker. A year later, I remain a non smoker.

Months after Jarret appeared on my show I was still getting calls about Jarret and where he could be found.

I am truly grateful to Jarret. He has clearly helped me improve the quality of my life. I feel better everyday. I no longer get sick. I can breathe easier. I am energetic and active. My whole life has changed.

I have and will continue to recommend Jarret to friends, family and to my listening audience."

Laura Mainella
News Director
Morning Show Announcer
HOT 89.9 FM
Ottawa's #1 Hit Music Station
1504 Merivale Rd
K2E 6Z5



March 1,2004

Dear Jarret,

A huge thanks Jarret from the bottom of my heart for the three-hour hypnotherapy session you spent with me in November. I hade decided to seek your services because you were highly recommended by my husband.

He had known several people whom had achieved great results in just a short visit with you. They had unsuccessfully struggled for years to make some important desired life changes in their lives.

They were initially skeptical of getting results but because he had known you on a professional basis for many years he knew you were a well-trained and qualified hypnotherapist and could assist then to obtain rapid painless change. His friends did get dramatic improvements after just one session with you.

When I went to see you I was struggling to overcome my fear of selling, that was causing me great stress.

I wanted to quickly learn sales in a new job and to more rapidly improve my English skills and also have much healthier thoughts about my body image.

I am very grateful that with just one session you have helped me have much better higher self-confidence, be more assertive and become much better in sales.

My fear of sales was instantly gone and my sales have really increased.

Your resolving my inner conflicts in these areas has altered my beliefs that had held me back.

Since seeing you I have experienced accelerated personal growth. With courage and confidence I now have greater goals for my life and I know I can achieve them.

As a result of my improved self-image of my body I have also experienced a positive shift in my health.

I was able to break some unwanted habits and made some changes in my eating habits and have since lost weight around my hips and dropped 2 dress sizes down to 3/4. I am very happy about this.

I'm on my way to even greater career and personal success. I am once again changing my jobs and I have received 3 great job offers in the last 2 weeks. Last week I was offered and I accepted the 'Dream Job' I have been looking for.

Jarret thanks for your great help. I really appreciate it. I will recommend your services to family, friends, and co-workers.

Yours truly,

Viviana Nomberto, Toronto, Ontario, 905-272-4274
World Folkdance Champion 1999



Just to let you know, I think that you may have helped me on one issue, through the hypnosis that you did. I find that my jaw is a little more relaxed than before. I am not sure if you helped directly, or if I am personally more relaxed with my life due to your session. Of course, I am inclined to believe that you were a contributing factor, and I thank you.

Truthfully, I must say that I am opening up my chakras (just recently) and I believe that in this new state I will be more receptive. Therefore, when you have some free time, I would sincerely like to try again and feel sure that many shifts can now take place.

Irene A Boudle, Boulton, Ontario, Canada 905-951-6542



"Hi, and thanks. My name is Douglas Boekhout and we (we, meaning myself and my wife, who has quit as well, but her quitting was easier) downloaded your stop smoking program on January 18th, 2004.

After the first listening, I woke up the next morning and did not have any cravings for a cigarette I was astonished. I have smoked for about 35 years, and I have tried all methods, but with this simple one device, in only one session, I quit smoking.

There's more to this story. I was probably a little overconfident on how easy this was to quit, so I thought, dang, if it's that easy to quit, I will just a have a cigarette or two and then listen to it again. It didn't quite work that way.

First of all, when listening to the program the first time, one is anxious and nervous and skeptical, yet very attentive. My problem listening to the program again was that it was too calming for me, and I would fall asleep very fast while listening, so I never could get through it. Sounds funny, right? notttttttttttt!

I really did want to quit smoking, so after about 4 or 5 sessions of trying to get through it again, I succeeded. That was about a month ago and I haven't had one since then. Now I am able to leave them alone for good. Again, thank you so much for your product.

Two convinced winners in Long Branch, Iowa.
Doug & Myrna Boekhout



"Eureka! You've solved my problem and done it for me. After trying 7 other stop smoking products... I finally was able to quit by using your program. As I read your page something said to me that this is going to work, and it did. I am so amazed how easy and effortless it was. I now live life as if I never was a smoker. Excellent Job Jarret!
All the best and Thanks a MILLION."

Jen Day, Vancouver, BC, Canada



"Jarret you're amazing. It's been over 7 months. I still can't believe I quit smoking in only one session. Keep up the great work."

Laura Mancini, Independence, MO



"Jarret thank you so much. As you know I had been smoking for over 44 years. But no more, thanks to your quit smoking program, I have now been smoke free for 221 days and counting and I know I will never touch another cigarette as long as I live."

Cheryl Moon, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan



Thank you for your email and interest in our progress, we are still not smoking and are enjoying our new lifestyle. It will soon be 12 weeks since we quit and it has been very easy. I am glad we purchased the CD, because I feel it helped me during the rough times when I needed reinforcement. We have told many people about our success and how happy we are about taking that drive to Barrie for your seminar. Jarret, I have been meaning to send you a line but have not had a chance, first to say thank you and to get information about hypnosis to get rid of eyeglasses and for losing weight/maintaining weight. Please email me at your earliest convenience.


The Turner's, Orillia, Ontario




Thanks very much for the follow up e-mail. More than that, thank you for my new lease on life - for that truly is what I feel I have been given.

I've been a smoker for 32 years (since the age of 12)! and have tried everything to quit....patches, cold turkey, Life Signs computer counter, gum.....none of them worked for long.

As of this writing, I have been smoke free for 125 days and have not felt ANY withdrawal symptoms. Having put aside the money I would have spent on cigarettes, I was able to take my family of 5 out for a celebratory dinner at the local Mandarin Restaurant tonight.

I was always a skeptic of hypnosis, even as a form of entertainment - but no more! At the seminar, I found myself initially doubting your ability but decided that if I really, really wanted to quit I would have to accept and believe. Once I committed to that, it was like magic.

I still remember nearly all that was said when I was 'under', particularly a repetitive phrase about me now being 'a breath - taking individual'. Even today, when I hear that in my head, I reflexively take a deep cleansing breath....I love it!!

For me, the hardest part of quitting has been the feeling that I am losing part of myself. I have been a smoker for 70% of my lifetime - it's hard to let go of that persona. It is not the lack of nicotine, or the oral fixation or even a need to hold something. It's a personality or lifestyle change, like spending less once you start a family. Easy to do.

All in all Jarret......THANK YOU!"

Brian J. Edwards, Thornton, Ontario



"Hi Jarret,

I just wanted to let you know when I listened to the CD the first and only time I seemed to drift off right near the beginning and all I remember is you saying to open my eyes and come back into the room when the CD was finished. I went about my day and never thought about smoking again. It's been 9 weeks and I still can't believe how this worked so well, so fast, and so powerfully. I truly feel as if I have a new lease on life.

Thank you so very much Jarret.

P.S. I also started to loose a little extra weight I was carrying around.

P.P.S. I found the information in the introduction CD really helped me make the choice to purchase your stop smoking program and I am really glad I did."

Bob Parsons, New York, NY



February 4, 2008

My name is Rita Kohli. I had my first cigarette when I was 13. I started smoking as an expression of sheer rebellion because "girls from my family" were not allowed to be seen or heard let alone smoke. I made a deal with my brother, then a secret smoker, to teach me how to smoke otherwise I would go and ask a stranger to teach me, so he did. By 17 years, I was a devoted smoker in the closet. In all my life, which has been full of challenges and turmoil, there was one thing that was my steadfast companion - cigarettes.

I had tried in vain to stop smoking for the last 10 years. Sometimes for a week, sometimes for three months but would have that one puff and then the next from another smoker always thinking that I could control the smoking and not the smoking control me. It did not work and I felt terrible about it - felt a failure, ashamed, embarrassed. Made excuses that perhaps it was not a good time to quit smoking and needed to regroup and try again.

I have tried the patch, tried the gum, tried laser treatment, tried acupuncture, became a part of telephone support program for smoking cessation and used different techniques to quit smoking but yet I remained a loyal smoker. I have Type II diabetes and also Fibromyalgia. I know it is deadly to smoke given the health issues that make me high risk for cardiac arrest.

So once again I tried the Patch but would take it off and smoke for a day or two then go back to the Patch. I could see I was once again going to fail - I was desperate and the more my desperation grew the more I smoked to my dismay. I was in a state where I thought that I would rather smoke and not make any attempt to quit and experience the humiliation of once again seeing the addiction prevail when I saw an add with a testimonial similar to this - how a treatment with Jarret Kray helped a 30 year smoker to quit smoking.

I read this testimonial for a couple of weekends in the Laundromat that I use on Queen Street. I finally took one of the strips at the bottom of the flyer. I put it on my fridge for a couple of weeks. Then I decided to check out Mr. Kray through his website. It seemed to me that Mr. Kray had gone through some hardships himself and just maybe I thought he might be able to help me without being judgmental or patronizing. I had nothing to loose and everything to gain.

I saw Mr. Kray after a couple of telephone exchanges on December 4, 2006 at a time when I was going through tremendous difficulties. I had a pack of cigarettes in the car. I sat for a while debating if I should go through or not with my appointment. I went and had a treatment - and came out a non-smoker to date.

The cigarette pack never left my car to walk in with me in to my apartment. The following day I got rid of it and cleansed my car and apartment. I did contact Mr. Kray for another brief session on the third day after the initial treatment so as to better manage and disrupt the intrusive thoughts about smoking. I have not smoked since December 4, 2006 - regardless of whatever stresses I might be going through.

I cannot thank enough Mr. Kray for facilitating me to remain clean - and no I do not listen to his audiotape - it sits there as a reminder of where I was and where I am today. Thank you Mr. Kray - I had come to you at a time when I had lost all hope - thank you for facilitating my ability to take control of the addiction. I hope one day I shall become a practitioner like you.

With regards from one who stopped smoking December 4, 2006.

Rita Kohli, Toronto, ON



February 6, 2008

In November 2006, after a single session of hypnosis with Jarret, I quit smoking. I'm very pleased to report that I continue to be smoke-free over 1 year later.

Now that you're ready to consider giving up smoking once and for all, let hypnosis be your answer.

If you've ever thought to yourself, 'Oh, if I could just wake up tomorrow and not smoke anymore - that would be great?' You will experience this change through hypnosis. You will stop smoking.

If you're motivated to quit smoking and want it to be quick, painless, and effortless this technique will work for you. Hypnosis is a truly effective and economical solution to give up smoking instantly and permanently.

One session and you will be changed forever.

You may be concerned about the hypnosis process - it's perfectly safe, simple and, well - relaxing. Imagine yourself stretching out on a comfy chair, then putting your feet up and closing your eyes. Now, a soothing voice tells you a story. As you listen to the story, you will relax and feel calm and when the story is over, you will have the results you wanted. It's that easy!

This simple solution is the answer you've been looking for to put an end to your habit. Book an appointment today and give up smoking forever. I did and I'm very happy about it!

Karen Jones, Toronto, Ontario


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