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Education & Experience

In September 1989 Jarret Kray, read a book by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) entitled 'Using your brain for a change. This book gave him the profound realization that, by utilizing the proven techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming one could make safe and permanent changes on the human mind and body.

In October 1989 Jarret took a training program with Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D. co-author of one of the most highly regarded books in the NLP profession entitled, 'Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality. After completing that course, Jarret was 100% convinced of the safety and effectiveness of NLP to dramatically improve peoples lives. From that time forward Jarret became passionately dedicated to being fully trained in all aspects of NLP.

In 1993 Jarret was certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, training under Eric Robbie from England and Christina Hall from California. Sixteen months later Jarret was studying to become a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with it's co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler.

In 1995 Jarret studied with Tony Robbins, the author of 4 NLP books. Jarret also completed Tony's best selling audio training programs Personal Power I, II and Tony's 24 tape, Power talk series.

In 1996 Jarret acquired his Certificate of Achievement in the 'Basic Oneness Healing Course with Jan Sweeney Remington. This course deals with the individual and combined energy systems of the body. These include the Chakra system, the meridian system and how to use your hands to clean and balance the energy systems of the body.

In 1998 Jarret studied an advanced, energy balancing, body work course, for clearing and balancing the Chakra system.

In 2000, Gary Johnson - Hypnosis Trainer, for Positive Changes Hypnosis Canada Franchises, certified Jarret as a Hypnotist and a Psycho Linguistics Practitioner.

Also in 2000 Jarret studied hands on energy clearing for the purpose of clearing present and past life issues.

Over the last 12 years Jarret has used the technology of NLP and Hypnosis to transform every area of his life including his health. (Also releasing 40 LBS. of excess weight, to date).

His self study has included reading over 35 books on NLP in addition to listening to over 30 in depth audio programs, 20 of which are full length, 7-14 day intensive, training certification programs in NLP and Hypnosis and many in depth healing courses.

Official NLP logos

The logo on the right, is the old logo that Jarret was certified under by Eric Robbie and Christina Hall, to acquire his Practitioner Certificate, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 1991.

The logo on the left is the current logo in use today, which Jarret was certified under by Dr. Richard Bandler, co developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in 1994.

Jarret's total live NLP training is currently over 770 hours
NLP audio training over 2200 hours.

To get to the root of an issue, there are many parts or conflicting aspects of ones belief system that are involved. once you clear away the first issue you will naturally, find yourself, wanting to heal yourself at a deeper and deeper level until you have achieved inner peace.

After many years of practice, clearing multiple layers of conflicting beliefs, values and habits, Jarret knows first hand, that if you put in the time and effort, you definitely can and will get the results you are looking for, PERIOD.

As you clear away old beliefs and blockages, and start to create and instill, that's right! I said INSTILL!, your own positive and loving beliefs rather than societies. Then and only then, you will find true inner peace and happiness.

As your beliefs and values change for the better, your habits and lifestyle will continually improve as well as you achieving many many more of your own goals, eventually resulting in health, peace, happiness, faith, trust, balance and love, filling your heart, soul and life.

Jarret Kray

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